I Love Dressed And Undressed Women Too.

I came across a several interesting sites while surfing for “real” Naked Women.

The name of the first site is “We Love Women – Dressed and Undressed” and it is a large gallery site that features many real women (not pros) that have a fully clothed pic posted and one or more pics where they are nude or in various stages of undress. They describe the content of their site as follows:

“This website contains a gallery full of amateur women in both states – Dressed and Undressed. We show wonderful women clothed and naked in nearly 10,000 collages. So if you ever wondered how your neighbor/co-worker looks unclothed: Come inside – She might already be here!” Continue reading


Why I Love Naked Women Pt.3

The Feet. A pretty pair of well manicured, smooth feet is a nice place to start when the urge is to begin the journey from the bottom, then proceed upwards.

The Legs. Long and luscious highways that lead to the sweetest place of all. OK, I have a little pre-disposition for taller Naked Women, though I do love a cute little doll too.

The Buttocks. Another set of wonderful, soft, firm mounds of pleasure. They can provide a nice diversion before reaching the ultimate destination. The site of a nicely shaped ass is very appealing; it begs to be caressed, grabbed and maybe even spanked.

Finally. The Sweetest Place of All. What can I say; it is the place where the creation of man starts. It is also what ultimately draws the most attention and it is what gives both the man and the woman the most pleasure.

More of What Makes a Naked Woman Attractive.

  • A Naked Woman’s voice can be a key in attracting or repelling, her personality can be just as important too. These only come into play when she can be seen via video or through personal contact.
  • The age of a Naked Woman can be an issue for some, though not as much as you may think. There are many younger men that are attracted to an older woman and there are obviously many older men that are attracted to younger women.
  • The overall height and size of the Naked Woman can make her less attractive to some, or more attractive to others.
  • The way a Naked Woman carries herself can increase the level of attraction; whether she is confident and outgoing or if she is somewhat reserved and shy, this can change the way she is perceived as attractive to some or not attractive to others.
  • The Naked Woman’s ethnicity can play a big part in whether she is looked upon as attractive or not, I personally enjoy looking at attractive Naked Women of all ethnic backgrounds.

Sometimes I feel like the kid in the biggest candy store imaginable! So much to enjoy, so little time.

Why I Love Naked Women Pt.2

The Flow of a Naked Woman’s Body.

Have you ever noticed how all the features about a Naked Woman gently flow towards her sweetest place of all? I love to gaze upon her and imagine following the flow with my touch, my caresses, and my kisses, stopping along the way to give those special features extra attention with my hands, lips, and the tip of my tongue. The starting point can either be from the top of her head, or the bottom of her feet.

The Shoulders and Back. As I look at a Naked Woman’s back and shoulders; I notice how beautiful and graceful they are in their simplicity of form and that the flow is downward, funneling the attention towards her wonderfully shaped buttocks.

The Arms and Hands. They are the instruments that give her the physical ability to grasp, to touch, to caress, and to hold. They can also aid her in expressing her thoughts and feelings through gestures; good and bad.

The Breasts. What wonderful, soft, firm mounds of pleasure. The variety of sizes is endless; from barely a handful, to overflowing pillows. The shapes range from plump, firm and round to flat and hangin’. The nipples and areola come in various sizes and shapes too, which adds to the variety as a whole. The breasts of an attractive Naked Woman are usually one of the main attractions that draw the most attention.

The Belly and Tummy. They can be soft and smooth or hard as a rock and rippled. The area has a cute little button and flows downward funneling the attention to the sweetest spot of all.

A Few Words of Clarification.

Before I go further in describing my admiration for the female form; the wonderful creation that it is, I want to clarify why I describe the Naked Woman as being attractive; not beautiful. A beautiful woman is a pleasure to look upon but may not stir the type of feelings that raw physical attraction does. For example the feeling that makes a man want to have the women with whom he feels that raw physical attraction; or to fantasize about having her if that woman is unattainable for whatever reason.

An attractive Naked Woman is purely subjective to what the “tastes” of the beholder are, he will have certain features that he prefers and if that particular Naked Woman has one or more of those features he will look upon her as attractive or extremely attractive. I tend to be an all of the above kind of guy; I love everything about a Naked Woman. Well; that is not absolutely true, there are certain body types and personalities that another man would find attractive that I don’t. I will share more on what attracts me to a Naked Woman on the X-Rated and Extreme pages.

Why I Love Naked Women Pt.1

I want to begin by sharing with you some of what I find attractive in Naked Women. It is one man’s opinion but it may help give some insight into what some men find attractive in Naked Women.

As I gaze upon the wonder of a Naked Woman’s body, there are many things that can catch my attention. What follows is the PG-13 rated version. Let’s start from the top, literally.

  • The Hair. So many colors; blond, brunette, red, black, or it can be a mixture that occurs naturally or is enhanced by choice. In extreme cases it can be one or more colors of the rainbow, on some this can also be very attractive. The varied length of the hair is infinite; from shaved bald to waist length. The hair can take many forms, from straight, to extra curly. The styles that the hair can conform to are many and can change at a whim. Hair that enhances and frames the beauty of the face is the most desirable.
  • The Eyes. I tend to agree that the eyes can be the window to the soul, but only at that particular point in time. The eyes are affected by how you feel, if you are satisfied and happy, the eyes can be sparkling and bright. If you are sad or not feeling well they become dark and gray. If you are tired they will look drowsy. If you are bored they can show your disinterest. If you are apprehensive or scared they can look alarmed. Naturally I enjoy looking into those bright, sparkling eyes.
  • The Lips. They range from full to thin; many women choose to have their lips enhanced. I have seen many attractive women have this procedure done and in doing so they have made themselves less attractive in my eyes. Fuller is better, not in my view; I understand why a little enhancement may be desired sometimes but really, fish lips.
  • The Mouth. A beautiful, friendly, welcoming smile can be very attractive and like the eyes the smile can be another window to the soul at that particular point in time. There is so much beauty that can be created by the mouth and then; many vile and disgusting things can be created by the very same mouth through the words that emanate from it.
  • The Neck. I love kissing her on the neck, I don’t know why, but I do. After all it is the bridge between the beauty that resides above and the playground below. Is this why it grabs so much of my attention or is it because she runs me out of there before I can cause visible damage.
  • The nose, cheeks, ears, and chin can vary by ethnic background and certain features that are accepted as attractive in one ethnic group may be considered as unattractive  from another ethnic background. I consider these features as neutral, or in some cases unattractive.  However; I do understand that if these features are considered perfect they can make a beautiful woman even more so.

To be continued… plus there will be X-Rated and Extreme versions coming soon and they will be found on the darker side.