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Why I Love Naked Women Pt.3

The Feet. A pretty pair of well manicured, smooth feet is a nice place to start when the urge is to begin the journey from the bottom, then proceed upwards.

The Legs. Long and luscious highways that lead to the sweetest place of all. OK, I have a little pre-disposition for taller Naked Women, though I do love a cute little doll too.

The Buttocks. Another set of wonderful, soft, firm mounds of pleasure. They can provide a nice diversion before reaching the ultimate destination. The site of a nicely shaped ass is very appealing; it begs to be caressed, grabbed and maybe even spanked.

Finally. The Sweetest Place of All. What can I say; it is the place where the creation of man starts. It is also what ultimately draws the most attention and it is what gives both the man and the woman the most pleasure.

More of What Makes a Naked Woman Attractive.

  • A Naked Woman’s voice can be a key in attracting or repelling, her personality can be just as important too. These only come into play when she can be seen via video or through personal contact.
  • The age of a Naked Woman can be an issue for some, though not as much as you may think. There are many younger men that are attracted to an older woman and there are obviously many older men that are attracted to younger women.
  • The overall height and size of the Naked Woman can make her less attractive to some, or more attractive to others.
  • The way a Naked Woman carries herself can increase the level of attraction; whether she is confident and outgoing or if she is somewhat reserved and shy, this can change the way she is perceived as attractive to some or not attractive to others.
  • The Naked Woman’s ethnicity can play a big part in whether she is looked upon as attractive or not, I personally enjoy looking at attractive Naked Women of all ethnic backgrounds.

Sometimes I feel like the kid in the biggest candy store imaginable! So much to enjoy, so little time.