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A Few Words of Clarification.

Before I go further in describing my admiration for the female form; the wonderful creation that it is, I want to clarify why I describe the Naked Woman as being attractive; not beautiful. A beautiful woman is a pleasure to look upon but may not stir the type of feelings that raw physical attraction does. For example the feeling that makes a man want to have the women with whom he feels that raw physical attraction; or to fantasize about having her if that woman is unattainable for whatever reason.

An attractive Naked Woman is purely subjective to what the “tastes” of the beholder are, he will have certain features that he prefers and if that particular Naked Woman has one or more of those features he will look upon her as attractive or extremely attractive. I tend to be an all of the above kind of guy; I love everything about a Naked Woman. Well; that is not absolutely true, there are certain body types and personalities that another man would find attractive that I don’t. I will share more on what attracts me to a Naked Woman on the X-Rated and Extreme pages.